Do you have 3 hours spare per week?

Do you have 3 hours spare per week and looking to do something positive and meaningful? Then look no further. IPL Radio is currently looking for a range of volunteers to help with our continued growth. Maybe you’d like to get some experience as an on-air Radio presenter or you’d prefer to get some experience filming or editing or maybe you’d prefer behind the scenes in Administration, Marketing or Researching interesting people for upcoming interviews.

IPL Radio started in thr midst of the COVID pandemic in 2020 and its continued goal to provide our listeners with evidence based information on a range of Health, Mental Health and Disabilities. We are not into sensationalising a story or skewing a narrative to fit our personal agenda. We are all about giving you the information and letting YOU decide.

Many of our volunteers have Health or Mental Health conditions and they quickly become part of the IPL Family. Being part of an innovative Community Radio station helps build confidence, self esteem and Public Speaking skills.

Maybe you’ve had time off work and looking to get back into the work force? Then join us. Spend some time with us, learning new skills, developing new workforce habits and within no time at all, you’ll be ready to go back into employment, complete with a reference from us and recent work history.






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