Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid is a 2 day Nationally recognised workshop that teaches participants the warning signs of a range of Mental Health conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Substance Use Disorder and Suicidal ideation. The course has been running for over 20 years and is extensively researched across various countries and uses a combination of Survivors, carers and Mental Health professionals to inform the research, The course has won numerous suicide prevention awards and has also impacted Government policy, The course is useful to anyone and everyone right from someone wanting more information to help a friend to a seasoned Mental Health professional and anywhere in between.

The course covers how to recognise someone is falling into Depression as well as how to start a conversation, how to help someone in a crisis and how to ultimately connect them to professional help. We cover what resources are out there to help identify suitable services that could be of help and how to approach the conversation. You will learn the following

  • Prevalence of Mental Health issues
  • Risk factors
  • Warning signs of developing Mental Health conditions
  • How to start a conversation around Mental Illness
  • How to help someone in a crisis
  • How to connect them to professional help
  • What services are available
  • The MHFA Action Plan
  • Further Resources
  • The MHFA Manual











Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person Training

“Well done Trys. You have turned your painful experiences into an education and healing tool for yourself and others. Your Wisdom shared is beneficial to those who listen and read.”

Celebrating 100th Mental Health First Aid course
Standard  Mental Health First Aid Training


Trys Reddick, is a Principal Master Trainer and has been running MHFA courses since 2015 and has done courses for individuals, Not for profit organisations, Companies and Government Departments. Before training MHFA he worked for 10 years in the community services sector working in Employment Services, Short Stay accommodation for the Homeless and Youth.

He was diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, OCD and Agoraphobia aged 12 and left school at 13. Despite over 10 years living as a recluse with debilitating Agoraphobia, he managed to recover and work through his Mental Health issues, emigrating to Australia from the UK in his early 30’s where he studied for a Diploma in Community Services.

Trys is passionate about improving the awareness and understanding of Mental Health issues and has worked tirelessly over the last 10 years to improve people’s understanding of Mental Illness.

In 2018 he helped to set up the Kwinana Alliance against Depression and in 2019 helped to set up the Rockingham Alliance. The AAD was based on the AAD model in Germany that reduced suicidal behaviours by 22% and was brought over to Western Australia by WAPHA. The AAD model uses a 4 pronged attack to reduce suicidal behaviours including Mental Health training in the community, Specialised GP Training, a concerted Media campaign and support for disadvantaged groups.

In 2019 Trys also helped to run the “Songs of Hope” project. Songs of Hope gathered together 10 people with lived experience of Mental Health issues and supported them to write a song about what Hope meant to them. The songs were then professionally recorded and released on an album.


In 2020 due to the COVID crisis, all MHFA courses were stopped following Health advice. At such a critical moment in time, when Anxiety was heightened, Trys felt the importance of spreading the message of MHFA was greater than ever. Not wanting to wait until the crisis was over, he wanted to find a way to continue talking about Mental Health issues in a way that was COVID proof and in April 2020, he started up Inspire (IPL) Radio – a new Community Access Radio station that would broadcast evidence based information on a range of Health, Mental Health and Disabilities.

All money from the MHFA courses go back into funding IPL Radio,

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
Youth Mental Health First Aid Training, Perth

“Excellent presenting style Trystam. Your first hand experience with mental health and experiences through your working life give relevant examples to the course.”

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